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also looking for infos et documents 190 S
I also became lucky owner of a 190S and looking for infos et documents 190 S
excuse moi mais mon francais et pauvre, svp respond en anglais,
merci bien
regards len Andre
Len Andre 24/06/2009

Documentation for your 190 S

Did you take time to see all domumentation available []
However, everything is in french...
I may be able to help you depending of your request :
POTDEVIN, Bruno 25/06/2009

documents 190S
I have found a copy of Le notice d'entretien voitures 5CV types 172S et 190S,
pages 35/36/37/38 are missing, anybody having these pages?
please mail to

when complete I will make shure a copy (pdf)is available on this site

merci bien
Len André 23/07/2009

Aide : 190S
look this web page
at the down of this page.
pascal 16/11/2009

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